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It is important to have the right tools to create a budget and money management plan. That is why Money & ME provides workbooks and money kits which include a receipt organizer, notepad, mechanical pencils and envelopes so participants can have the tools they need to be successful.


Money & ME University provides program support through active licenses. This includes PowerPoint Presentations, applications, forms, flyers, and more.


Anyone can become a Money & ME trainer. The training is approximately 6 hours of videos, online quizzes with additional reading materials recommended. Volunteers or staff from organizations can do the training in their own homes at their own pace. No travel necessary! The training includes cultural sensitivity, the content of the program (videos of all PowerPoint presentations) and logistics to implement.









What We Offer


Money & ME is written to be simple and easy to understand.  The workbook has many graphics to engage with the participants.  The PowerPoints have photos and animations on each slide that correspond with the workbooks.  The first step is finding income and spending information and one place to organize the information.


The Money & ME curriculum focuses on simple concepts including menu planning, tips for getting laundry organized, price per ounce, savings for emergencies, and a plan to pay off money owed. The cash envelope system is taught and envelopes are included in the money kit. This money management guide focuses on life skills that impact all areas of a person’s life.


Money & ME focuses on behavior change to be effective. Participants discuss various habits and are given strategies for changing habits. Many have stopped smoking or gambling as a result of seeing how much it is costing each year. Others learn how to be better shoppers and how emotions are related to spending money. People that stop spending $1.00 a day on a drink or snack can save $365 every year!

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This was my third year presenting the Money & ME program at the National AHA Poverty Conference. Dr. Ruby Payne, Director of the “aha Process, Inc.” created a “Bridges Out of Poverty” model that is increasing collaboration in communities, breaking down barriers, and helping individuals succeed. Many people who have struggled with addictions, incarcerations, and […]

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