Meet Robbie…a Money & ME Inspiration!

Robbie had just started a new job as an assistant manager at Popeye’s Kitchen in Dayton, Ohio when he fell down some steps and broke his ankle.  He had to have surgery and ended up with a serious infection.  He was in a wheelchair and living by himself.  He had a nurse come in to do wound care and some housekeeping.  Robbie ended up depressed and gained a significant amount of weight.  He had already been 350 pounds, but he increased to 420 pounds.  His sister was concerned and encouraged him to attend a Getting Ahead Class that also incorporates the Money & ME program.  Robbie joined the class!

Robbie began the class and that was when everything changed.  He met wonderful people to encourage him.  He got information and support needed.  He learned how to save money, and saved enough to have weight loss surgery.  His facilitator and Money & ME Trainer, Jennifer Kendall, also joined him at the gym and they both help keep each other accountable!  Robbie is now down to 283 pounds.  He was approved for social security and has developed a budget to stay within his means.  Unfortunately, the sister that encouraged him to join the class passed away unexpectedly, but Robbie still continues to go to the gym regularly and is excited to get control of his life once again! He also shared that he has two cats that have encouraged him to want to live a better life.  He stated that it might help others who are feeling down to get a pet.  I would add…make sure you put it in your budget!