Money and ME Dreams Come True

People that know me, have heard me talk about my daughter with Down Syndrome…Emily Money.   Emily inspires and educates me on how to create opportunities for her to be successful, and she recently became homecoming queen at Highland High School in Albuquerque, NM.   Emily has always wanted to be a queen and that dream came true.  Emily was a HUGE part of the development of Money and ME.  As I taught Emily how to get dressed, shower on her own, and many other important life skills, I realized that every task can be simplified into several manageable steps.  As I created the Money and ME program, I looked for ways to simplify money management and teach financial literacy in a way that would inspire others to learn.  Ten years later, Money & ME is being utilized in fifteen states and is being utilized to teach others how to take control of their money and their lives, and my dream is coming true.  I wanted to share Emily’s success with my “Money and ME Family.” We hope you enjoy this video where our local news station featured Emily’s accomplishments!

Emily will be on next week’s collaboration google meet for all who would like to congratulate her.  It will be next Thursday, November 18, 2021 in the afternoon.  See below for your time!