Money & ME: A New Society Norm!

Meet Leslie Hart (fifth from the left). Leslie recently graduated from the Money & ME Program which was combined  with the “St. Vincent De Paul Getting Ahead Program” in Dayton, Ohio.   Both of these programs combined helped Leslie turn his life around.  At one point, he was homeless and struggling with addictions. When I interviewed Leslie, he stated,  “My biggest problem was organization.  With this program, I learned how to make goals and take one step at a time.  I also learned money management principals and began following them.  I gained book knowledge and it motivated me to help people less fortunate.  I had peer support too.  The more I learned, the more I wanted to pay it forward.  I am so grateful for the program and the people that taught it.  The program is very beneficial, and I think it is starting a society norm.  I am now so excited because I see opportunities I hadn’t seen before.  I am motivated to start my own business.   Another good aspect is it showed me how to move forward and be a good person.  I also keep the money kit close by to remind me of how to manage my money.  The only thing is I wish the course had been longer.  I wanted to keep learning!” Thank you Leslie for sharing your story…your success helps inspire others to learn!

Sara Money, Director and Developer of Money & ME Program