Money & ME: A Program in a Box!

EVERYTHING YOU NEED to teach financial literacy is right out of the box when you purchase the Money & ME Program. Many organizations are inspired to help low-income people take control of their money and have tried other curriculum’s. Other courses are typically for people who have money. They are not written for people living on minimum wage or disability. That is where Money & ME is different.

Many people are unaware of the cultural differences, mindset, and language of those living on disability, welfare or minimum wage. Often, those with low incomes are in survival mode, wondering how they are going to feed their family and pay their rent. To help these people, it is important to be aware of the differences and provide training and support to meet the challenges that low-income people are faced with on a daily basis. For example, in the middle income world, budget worksheets discuss “vacations,” “dry cleaning,” and “babysitting” as an expense (not an income). Even the word “debt” is not typically used by low-income people because the word debt implies having a credit card. Low-income people typically owe money to payday loans, friends or family, student loans, etc. The Money & ME curriculum addresses “debt” as “money owed” and helps participants develop a plan to pay off ALL the places and people they owe money. It also helps with basic life skills, organizing techniques, and self discipline. All of these simple and practical strategies lead to success.

This program has EVERYTHING AN ORGANIZATION NEEDS to be successful. It provides training for trainers that is approximately 5-6 hours online. It provides workbooks, money kits, and certificates. Literally, everything an organization needs is “right in the box” and ready to go. Organizations do no need to spend their time and energy to “reinvent” other programs to work with their specific population. That has already been done. Sara Money began creating this program in 2011 and worked on it for over five years. If you would like more information, please feel free to contact Sara Money at (505) 400-1626 or email. You are also invited to join our monthly Google meet to hear and collaborate with other trainers. It is this Thursday, please see below for details.