Money & ME class in North Carolina!

Common Hart in Indian Trail, North Carolina, is a grassroots movement of friends in creating a small revolution of kindness in our community to eradicate food insecurity and eliminate generational poverty.  They have been serving their community since 2006.  The programs are designed to engage community volunteer action in three areas: food pantries, economic empowerment, and literacy.  Sandy Reid, the Economic Empowerment Manager, reported that

“Our biggest Money and Me class so far is taking place over at our East Union Empowerment Center!! The participants are an excited group of learners. Managing your money in poverty looks very different than if you’ve just had a slow down in income or if you want to move toward a goal. In poverty, you’ve got to deal with survival and stability in order to get ahead. Money and Me is designed specifically for folks rising out of generational poverty. Awesome job ladies!”