Money & ME: Expands to Northern New Mexico!

In December 2023, I received a call from the librarian, Karen McPheeters from the Farmington, New Mexico Public Library.  Someone that I had met several years ago remembered me and gave her my name and number and she called me. Karen shared that she had received a grant to offer financial literacy classes to the community, and was looking for a presenter.   She was excited about the Money & ME curriculum, and asked if I would travel to Farmington, NM for a special “Money & ME” introductory session on Groundhog Day.  I agreed and was excited to go. Despite the snow, rain, and wind, many people from the Farmington community came to learn some important information on money management.  The “Mini” Money & ME program was for two hours, and participants were excited to learn simple, practical tips that would help them manage their money.  In the brief time we had, I shared the “Income & Expense Worksheet, Needs vs. Wants, and How Much am I Spending in a Year.”  We talked about responsibilities and “Building a Budget.”   The “Mini” Money & ME was a great success.  I personally really enjoyed visiting the Farmington Public Library.  It is the most AMAZING library I have ever seen.  The design and details are unbelievable.  If you ever get to Farmington, New Mexico, plan to spend a time at the library.   Sara Money.P.S. Would you like to earn a FREE Money & ME Workbook & Kit?  Write and share a story about your Money & ME program!  You can focus on how you structure your program, a participant success story, the perspective from the trainer….your choice.  Congratulations to Patti for writing this awesome story and earning a FREE Workbook & Kit with her next order.  Let’s share how Money & Me is helping people gain control over their money and their lives.