Money & ME: Meet Mary

Meet Mary!  She took the Money & ME class in January 2024 this year as part of the “Getting Ahead Program” in Marion, Ohio.  She had lived in Delaware and three places in Ohio.  She had multiple jobs including a camp counselor to a zip line and rock climbing instructor AND as a lifeguard for about five years.  Right before Covid, Mary was let go from her job and she became homeless.  She didn’t want to be a burden to her family and she toughed it out.  She began working for an automotive parts manufacture in Delaware to get back on her “feet.”  Mary was dealing with health issues as well.  She Mary lived in a homeless shelter and utilized the food pantries and free stores for about two years.

Then she moved to Marion, Ohio.  Mary began looking for  employment and found a job working in a manufacturing plant that makes windows in 2022.  She just celebrated her second year with this manufacture (four years total in this industry).  She heard about the “Getting Ahead Program” and how people could get gift cards for attending weekly classes for seven months.   That is when Mary’s life really changed for the better.  The “Getting Ahead” facilitators taught her that she had a significant and opportunity to be a contributing person to society.  She learned that she deserved more than just staying in the lower functioning part of society.  This program helped people see that they could economically be part of the community.  They wrote out their fantasies and goals of what their future could be.  Mary had an image of a beautiful blue butterfly.  She was happy that she was was learning how to have fun, be part of a community, and  have people recognize her as “Mary Dean” and not just as person in need.

Meals were provided each week and Mary became part of the “Getting Ahead” community.  It was something that she looked forward to.  The “Getting Ahead Program” incorporates the Money & ME curriculum into the class.  When Mary finished the Getting Ahead Program, there was a big graduation party for all the participants. Everyone received diplomas and got cake and lunch.  They all sat around reminiscing about how far they had come.  Mary then joined the “Staying Ahead” program. Mary says the “Staying Ahead” program is four month, and continues to provide support and resources for the people that went through the program.

Mary decided to reach out to me to share how much Money & ME had helped her and talk through her financial situation. Mary reviewed all her expenses and realized that many of them were Walmart.  She looked at applying for a credit card, so she could be earning money back on her purchases.  As she read through the contract she realized that a contract is “like a law.”  You have to understand and do what it says or there will be consequences.  If you don’t read the contract,  and sign it anyway….your signature is still approving something, even if you don’t read it. She decided she didn’t need it.  Mary is looking at other sources of income and considering “flipping” houses.  She has friends that are doing it, and seeing what is involved and if it is feasible for her.  Mary is now very hopeful and bright about her future.  She didn’t know what she could do, and now she can look back and say “Wow, I did that. Where there’s a will there’s a way!”  The stronger the will the better it is.  Congratulations are in order to Mary for working so hard through the program and looking forward to a wonderful future.

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