Money & ME Statistics

Greetings!I was recently asked, “How many people have participated in the Money & ME Program?”  Great question!  Let me share some history and numbers with you.The Money & ME program began in 2011.  At that time, I had no idea that it would become a business and be taught in multiple states.  I was an Executive Director of a non-profit called Love INC (In the Name of Christ).  The mission was to “Mobilize local churches to transform lives and communities In the Name of Christ.”   The organization received a grant to teach financial literacy / money management to low-income people.  I thought naively, “How hard could that be?”   We would use the grant money for curriculum and incentives, churches as venues, and volunteers from churches as trainers.  Individuals and families that were calling our nonprofit, because they needed assistance, would be able to take a class and receive a “Hand up and not just a hand out.”  I began looking for a curriculum suitable for this population.  What I discovered, is that while there are several great curriculum’s available for “people with money“, I could not find one suitable for “people without money.”   Where was the curriculum for people in survival mode who were living paycheck to paycheck or on disability / welfare.  One of my previous jobs had been working for the Income Support Division for the State of New Mexico to determine eligibility for food stamps and welfare.  I was aware that people living paycheck to paycheck were not thinking about vacations or retirement.  They were concerned with how they were going to pay their rent, do their laundry, and feed their children.  Since I couldn’t find a suitable curriculum, I started to create my own.  I started with a couple of worksheets, created some PowerPoint slides and it begin to grow.  The curriculum (over many years) expanded into three books:  a workbook for participants, a Train the Trainer Guide, and a PowerPoint guide for trainers.  Multiple versions also emerged:  Christian, secular, teen, and Spanish for a total of eleven books published.  I had many organizations wanting to purchase what was created.  I worked with the board of directors and separated Money & ME from Love INC and formed my own business.  I got a business license, Trademarks, copyrights, and a website.  It was quite the endeavor! As I look back and tally the numbers, here are the results to date:

  • Participants – 2,744
  • Trainers – 245

Through multiple connections and conferences, I was able to expand the program into fourteen states which include:  New Mexico, Colorado, Missouri, Michigan, Iowa, Illinois, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, North Carolina, South Carolina and Alabama.  My goal is to eventually have Money & ME in every state!  Edith Carreón (photo above), has been with me for every step of this journey.  She translated the curriculum into Spanish and currently helps with bookkeeping, shipping workbooks and kits, and the social media. This has been an exciting process for both of us and we are excited to see this program continue to help people take control of their money and their lives. Sara Money, Director & DeveloperMoney & ME Program