Money & ME Workshops in Alabama!

Meet Lizzie!  Lizzie Williams is no stranger to the Money & ME program.  She has been teaching Money & ME classes in Tuscaloosa, Alabama since 2016.  It is an old saying, “If you want something done ask a busy woman,”  and that is certainly true.  Lizzie is a Special Education Teacher for Tuscaloosa City Schools, an ordained minister, Director for Healing the World With The Word Ministries, and a Money & ME Trainer!  She is also married and has two children.  Lizzie is inspired to have a Money & ME Workshop once a quarter to help members of her community.   Last month, she had the workshop at the local police substation and had eight people attend.  She utilizes social media to promote the event, and always prays for a great turn out.  Lizzie is an amazing person who is inspired to help others take control of their money and their lives.  THANK YOU LIZZIE FOR ALL YOU DO!

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