Successful Savings Stories from Money & ME!

High Plains Helping Hand, a nonprofit located in Borger, Texas, purchased the Money and ME curriculum and their treasurer was trained to be the trainer.  The Executive Director, April Davis, introduced the idea at the Hutchinson County Drug Court as a way to help participants manage their money as they get back on their feet.  The judge assigned each participant to complete Money and ME University.
Three months later, one of the participants informed the judge she had just purchased a used car by using the principals she learned in Money and ME University.  This was the first time she had saved up and was able to purchase a vehicle, a vehicle that she drove to drug court. When this participant first started drug court, transportation was a huge issue for her and she would have to find a ride each week. She no longer has to do that.
Another drug court participant brought his fiancé to Money and ME University. They completed the course together. Since then, this couple has been saving for a down payment on their own home. They are currently shopping the market and enjoying the freedom of having a down payment, looking for exactly what they want instead of “just what they can afford.” This couple has also saved up for their wedding and have taken care of all the expenses. The wedding is October 28, 2021 and the Executive Director and Money and ME Trainer both have an invitation to the wedding!

THANK YOU High Plains Helping Hand for sharing this inspiring story!

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