Money & ME: Congratulations Class of 2022!

It has been an exciting year in our home!  Last fall, my daughter, Emily, was crowned as homecoming queen.  Last week she graduated from high school. One of our local news stations, did a story on her becoming queen and it is very inspirational to watch. Click here to see.

Emily has been a MAJOR inspiration to the content of the Money & ME program.  As I figured out how to teach Emily, I would try to make concepts simple, applicable, and fun.  This carried over into the Money & ME curriculum.  I love to hear the feedback when people say, “I didn’t know how to manage my money, but now I do.  I was able to learn from the Money & ME program.  It was simple.  It was fun.”  I feel I accomplished my mission. When participants share those comments with me, I feel successful!

This week in Dayton, Ohio, another group of people graduated from the Money & ME program.  This program was hosted by St. Vincent De Paul.  I was able to “Zoom” with them as they received their certificates.  It was fun to see their enthusiasm and hear participants share how much they learned and enjoyed the program.

Congratulations to ALL the 2022 graduates.  You have learned and achieved success.  Your life is just beginning!!

Sara Money, Director & Developer
Money & ME Program