Money & ME Helps Spanish Speakers!

Ana Uribe, from Las Cruces, New Mexico, became a Money & ME Trainer for the non-profit, “Crosswalk to Life” in the fall of 2022.  She was excited to teach Money & ME in Spanish!  It was a very successful class.  She had four participants.  One of the participants, Delfina Castillo, made a video sharing her experience.  Click here to see the video.

Below is the video translated into English…

“My name is Delfina Castillo, and last semester, Fall 2022 I had the opportunity to take a Money & ME class.  I think it is very important to manage a budget.  It is important to have a clear vision of income and expenses. Some times we don’t balance and we spend more  than we have.  The envelopes help me manage and register my income and expenses.  It was very important to learn how to stay within a budget.  Also, it is important to budget for the future and not just for the present.  It is important to show family, children, and spouse how to budget too.”

If you are interested in ordering the Money & ME Workbooks in Spanish, please email me at   I am so happy to help Spanish speakers be able to take control of their money and their lives!Sara Money, Director & Developer of Money & ME