Dollars 4 You: Teen Edition!

How important is it to teach teens financially literacy?  VERY!!!

Who taught you about managing money?  Was it your parents, teachers, friends, or personal experience?

Maybe all of the above…maybe none.  Think of how your life would be different had you learned how to save, what interest is, smart shopping habits and more!  That is what the Dollars 4 You: Teen Edition can help organizations who are inspired to help teens take control of their money.   Listen to Sara Money share some of the differences in this video, and Marisol Rodriguez share her enthusiasm about this edition in another video. 

The Teen Edition workbook is very similar to the adult version Money & ME Workbook, with some strategic changes:

  • The Income & Spending Worksheet varies in each edition.
  • Worksheet “How much are my parents spending on me” for teens to interview their parents and find out the cost.
  • Information about scholarships, grants, and student loans, scams added.
  • Changing bad habits include examples of nail biting, procrastination, and gaming compared to the adult version of drinking, smoking, and gambling.


Any organization ordering workbooks and kits can request a Teen Workbook to review for free.  Please let us know that you would like to see the Dollars 4 You:  Teen Edition.  Please specify if you would like the WOW:  Words of Wisdom (secular version) or Christian Edition.