Money & ME Has Made A Difference

It has  been a joy conducting Money & ME Financial Literacy Workshops for the community  since December 2016. I have always had a passion for teaching people how to become better, especially in the area of finances. In the past months, we have been faced with a global pandemic, COVID-19. People are concerned about their health and their finances. As I reflect on my personal life, I am grateful for the Money & ME Curriculum that is used at our workshops. The more I educated people on the importance of budgeting, identifying needs versus wants, and becoming a smart shopper, I applied those strategies to my life. I began cutting unnecessary subscriptions and expenses; shopping for groceries every two-weeks; using digital coupons; and shopping at consignment shops. These simple changes cut our household expenses by more than $200 per month. Last week, I was conversing with some friends regarding the financial impact of COVID-19. I was overcome with great joy, because I realized the changes I had been making along the way were curving the financial stress I might have experienced.

Lizzie Williams

Founder, Healing The World With The Word Ministries