Reality Check

This past week Sara had the opportunity to share the “Reality Check” Session with people from WINGS Ministry, an organization that helps people who have loved ones that have been incarcerated.  Every week they share a meal and a life skills lesson.

One of the “eye opening” activities in Money & ME encourages participants to identify three items:  a daily purchase (or almost every day), a weekly purchase, and a monthly purchase.

As the participants identified items they purchased on a regular basis, this is what they discovered….
  • WOW….I spend a $1.50 every day on a coke.  I didn’t know I was spending $547.50 a year!
  • WOW…I spend $35 each week on gas, that is $1,820 a year!
  • WOW…I spend $135 each month on cable, that is $1,620 a year!
Money & ME focuses on behavior change, and this is just one of the activities that helps participants.  By asking the right questions, participants can learn about themselves and also from each other.  The first step to change is to look at how YOU are spending YOUR money.  Think of something that you buy on a regular basis and calculate to see how much it is costing you a year.  Post your WOW moment on the Money & ME Facebook page!   What would happen if you changed your behavior?