Meet Matt…a Money & ME Trainer!


Meet Matt!

Matt lives in Cedaredge, Colorado and became a Money & ME Trainer three years ago.  He specifically works as a mentor with youth who are in the foster care system.  He teaches them financial literacy skills so when they turn 18 and exit the foster care system, they are better able to manage their own money.   Matt loves the Money & ME program, and I recently asked him why?Matt states, “for years I have used many financial literacy programs to help people manage their money better.  I taught programs through my church and other mentoring type situations.  I have used the Money & ME program for three years and believe it is simple and straightforward.  Although it was written to people with low income or on assistance it is accessible to EVERY DEMOGRAPHIC.  I believe it can reach more people than other curriculum’s.  This course absolutely meets people where they are at.  It has really helped people develop solid goals and remove obstacles.  I  am currently mentoring a young man who would like to become a barber and open up his own shop in three years.  He is smart, determined, and has found something he is passionate about.  I believe anyone can overcome obstacles when they are passionate about something, and I am looking forward to helping this young man succeed.” Money & ME can help ANYONE learn how to manage their money better and improve their life.  I encourage you to email or call me on my cell phone at (505) 400-1626 if you would like a consultation to see how you can help other people who are passionate about something achieve their dreams!Sara Money, Director and Developer of Money & ME Program