WooHoo…The Money & ME Spanish Edition is FINISHED!

Since 2011, when I first started creating a money management curriculum for low-income people, I knew how beneficial it would be to also have it in Spanish. Through literally hundreds of revisions, I worked with Edith Carreón, whose first language was Spanish. Edith worked patiently with me and at one point decided it was best to wait until I stopped revising. Well, ten years later that day has come and both Edith and I are excited that the Money & ME Workbook and PowerPoint guide have been completed translated and ready! Edith came to the United States from Mexico and while waiting for her paperwork, she volunteered numerous places. That is how Edith and I originally met. We both became excited about the possibility of translating Money and ME into Edith’s Native language. Edith also helps with the bookkeeping, social media, and shipping. Ten years later, we are great friends continue to work and have fun together. Edith’s daughter, Valeria, has become a caregiver to my daughter, Emily, and we are so grateful to have these wonderful ladies in our lives!